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Both Operator Hammer and Light Collector Shops!
(KO, defense, clean hit, sprint, concentration.).
PTS - Announcement, public Test Server #soon!
Valentine's Day Love Story, spread the love, feb 1stevent.What do you think about updating the Recycling Shop with nostrums?Jan 17thnews, ranked system rework, first information and changelogs, jan 16thnews.But only in the Light Collector Shop.Jan 9thnews, hQ Report #3, communication reestablished cupon tezenis - Transmission incoming - the_director reporting.Jan 25thnews, community Highlights Vol.11, this is my rifle, There are many like it, but this one is mine.News and Events, see all the updates, feb 7thevent.
Not a good idea, they should remain in the Item Mall.
But only in the Operator Hammer Shop.
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