Come on GGG has won over 300 hundred boxing Matches.
Andas cagado porke ahora De La Hoya no te puede ayudar.Who has golovkin fought?Francisco Alberto Fortuna -, puta maricona pecosa.Next good boy and next big drama show!My name is Not important.Ggg gano esa pelea iBi AhIVIeD -, also I believe Canelo had no where to ho but to take the fight he doesn't want to and previously vacated to avoid.
JDM CAR and motorcycle.
Roberto Romero - pinche canelo arrogante, al erislandy lara no le pudiste conectar buenos golpes.
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Uhhhh I can't wait until all you triple gs fans see ur boy on the floor.
Gerardo Bustamante - did you see lara wining too when you fought him?
Y el correlon de lara te gano por puntos.This may be because of server load or due to any other reason.So GGG it is should be a cracker while it lasts.Alvarez is point.GGG regalo excentrico is more relaxed and I can see the nerves being with Canelo GGG has fought bigger guys and I'd like to see Canelo take a punch from a bigger guys.Darren Mills -, jacobs will probs go down as GGG toughest fight when all is said and done Jacobs is a great fighter and on another night he may very well beat GGG Canelo has still to take that risk Diva-Division.Canelo bitching out and letting time get triple g loosen.Lara did the same to you but he looked better than Jacobs.Chavez SR canelo IS favorite BUT SON chavez JR HAS BIG balls cojones best preparation OF career 192 Kbps.62 MB 00:06:33 157.Best fight is Jacobs.