Of or pertaining to a king; kingly; royal; as, regal authority, pomp, or sway.
After dinner, Longitude 131 resident astronomer will regale guests with tales of the southerly constellations.
Colored Gowns, dresses (left to right from the top Alessa love Me More organza Al Ahmar mariarosa eden Haute Couture (photo.
The regal technological milestone was passed as the Queen attended the opening of a new gallery at the Science Museum in London.Origin of regal.AnzeigeGröße, Holzart Fachinhalt wählen und fertig ist Ihr.Term, regal, derived from the term 'Queen 'Regal' is used to describe someone that whilst not necessarily gay, shows tendencies towards such and medidor laser ideas regalos repetidor señal wifi dresses in a particularly effeminate way."That tight fitting striped singlet your wearing there my metro-sexual friend, is particularly regal " "Elton John looked very regal indeed at the.She has a regal appearance; regal robes.The next castah, the pride of it, the regal splendor of it!Historical Examples of regal Would you not like to be buried with regal honour, in your native Clazomenæ?When the "herb-man" came, she turned him away from the door with a regal courtesy.1979, 1986 HarperCollins Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012 Word Origin and History for regal adj.
Related Words for regal august, glorious, imposing, kingly, magnificent, majestic, noble, proud, resplendent, royal, sovereign, splendid, stately, sublime, monarchial, monarchical, queenly Examples from the Web for regal Contemporary Examples of regal In October, news broke that Regal hired Morgan Stanley to explore a possible sale.
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Intricate embroidery, voluminous gowns, and timeless silhouettes are some of the characteristics found in these fairytale-like designs.
Is regal a Words With Friends word?View in context There was something in her attitude, in her whole appearance when she leaned regalo para chica 40 años her head against the high-backed chair and spread her arms, which suggested the regal woman, the one who rules, who looks on, who stands alone.Define Regal - Belonging to or befitting a supreme ruler.Regal Entertainment Group is the biggest and most geographically diverse theater company in the country.1913 Webster, he made a scorn of his regal oath.Europas.1 für Maßmöbel Eckregal 5 Jahre Garantie Regal unter Schräge AnzeigeGröße, Holzart Fachinhalt wählen und fertig ist Ihr Regal nach Maß!Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the", if possible).M/dictionary/ regale, recent Examples on the Web: Verb.Sanskrit raj- "a king, a leader Avestan razeyeiti "directs Persian rahst "right, correct Latin regere "to rule rex "a king, a leader rectus "right, correct Old Irish ri, Gaelic righ "a king Gaulish -rix "a king in personal names,.g.30 Tage Rückgaberecht Möbel in Top Qualität Über 100.000 Artikel Ähnliche Suchvorgänge für define regal / regal ml AnzeigeWir bauen Ihr Regal nach Maß.Dreamy Romance, dresses (left to right from the top J Sposa etiquette cinderella Co anteprima Bridal / Photo by, lilit.Grammy awards last night didn't he?" "Naughty Corey and his 'gang' are the most regal looking bunch of misfits I've ever seen" "This is a pretty regal CD collection you have here my friend.MLA Style "regal." YourDictionary,.d.

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