I think the thing that slowed my average down was the really bad times I had, which were because of the bad catching that crept up every so often.
This very unique turning characteristic makes it such an enjoyable speed cube to solve so I will rate this a 9 out of 10 for actual solving.
I made this unboxing quite a bit longer than most because there was a lot of stuff that came.
There is a positive side to this surprisingly and that is that the speed cube actually improves your turning by unconsciously forcing you to turn the layers more precisely.I figured which better lube to use than one that comes from Gan themselves.I wouldnt be surprised though to know that it can be transformed into a fast turning speed cube by changing the springs and lubrication.I still can concentrate on look ahead and turing despite the corner cutting although sometimes corner cutting can be get really bad.With that said it was very very difficult for me to find the perfect tensions that I liked, luckily I can change the springs.
While I do get fast times I am very inconsistent with this speed cube.
There are several editions of the Gan 356 Air, the very first one was released in August 2016 and was the Master edition.
In my average of 100 my fast times was a nice.47 seconds but my slowest time was.22 seconds which is close to half of my fastest time.
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Other than that I dont feel my fingers getting tired at all and you can almost compare descuento por incapacidad it to more faster turning speed cubes in that it takes little to no effort turning the layers.
Thanks so much to for sending me this cube to test!This video is about the unboxing of the gans 356 air master edition and first impressions of the cube I have given a brief explanation of the feature.GAN-cube: einfaches drehen UND reibungsfreier lauf - Dieser Magische Würfel ist bestens geeignet für Speedcubing - auch für Fortgeschrittene!You cant get around that fact that corner cutting is very obvious with this speed cube and sometimes can disrupt your solves.Breaking in the Air didnt take too much effort and practically felt broken cuantos gramos de proteina necesito para ganar masa muscular in immediately after a few solves.Theyre also available to buy separately if ever you would like to try them out.These editions will always have the same Gan 356 Air speed cube and differ only with Sticker shades, GES springs, carrying pouch and a Gans LE card.GAN's puzzle: qualitÄTS-produkt - Aus dem Hause Cubikon, dem Magic-Cube Anbieter aus München.

As I mentioned earlier this speed cube kind of adjusts your turning style and makes it more precise and controlled.