Corner cutting is very good and www iberiasendo com descuento iberia popping is non existant.
Overall score:.1, speed:.5 ; Corner cutting:.5 ; Reverse cutting:.5 ; Pops resistance:.5 ; Lock-up resistance: 8 ; Corner twist resistance: 7 ; Weight:.This speed cube breaks in quite fast and during my first day of asiento contable de descuento de cheques diferidos solving I already get fast times.It has an extremely fast turning speed (for some people, too fast, which can cause overshooting a turn amazing corner cutting including reserve cutting, without compromising on pop resistance.Well, it doesnt suck, it actually is amazing!Corner cutting excellent, click here to check out the Gan 356 Air SM on Amazon.Being fast and light and me using Gan 356 Air SM for the first time I had trouble controlling my turns and get a lot of overshooting and under rotating.The pillowed shape obviously is quite popular when it comes to big cubes since there is so much layers involved a pillowed shape really helps hold the cube in your hands and turn each and every layer.Out of the box: The Gan 356S M got a lot of hype and just by looking at what I got, kind of lives up.The really good corner cutting abilities of the 356 Air SM also plays a huge role in reducing and catching at all.Justifiably used by world-class speedcubers, although it's relatively higher price.
Very Smooth and fast, light turning.
Overall score:.0, speed:.5 ; Corner cutting: 9 ; Reverse cutting:.5 ; Pops resistance: 9 ; Lock-up resistance: 7 ; Corner twist resistance:.5 ; Weight:.
The mechanism, which was thought to be impossible to make, is so much more complex with a lot more parts.
You get a nice soft carrying pouch where you can find an ID Gan 356 Air SM and manual.
The Moyu GTS2M had light magnets but they were still strong enough for me to feel them a bit.
I can execute algorithms super fast because of its fast and light turning characteristic.
2x2: Dayan 2x2 3x3: MoYu AoLong V2 4x4: MoYu AoSu Collin Burns - Former world record holder for fastest single solve (5.25s) 3x3: Yuxin Mats Valk - World 4th fastest single solve (5.13s).The pillowed shape is more for convenience while the cubic shape is more for speed cubing.One of the best speedcubes in the market.That is not entirely true though I do get some catching on very rare occasions due to overshooting and under rotations but this is so rare and insignificant that I dont even count.On the rare occurrences that the corner cutting and smoothness isnt enough it will lock up and it may be quite messy.WR also for 6x6 and 7x7 solving.Which 77 speed cube to get?Good, does pop, seldom lock ups.00, the Shengshou 77 can corner cut just as good as the V-cube 7 and has very smooth turning.Yuxin, where to get: eBay, amazon, relatively new brand in the market, holds the former single world record fastest 3x3 solve (5.25s) by Collin Burns.

This information is correct for 2016 (and not necessarily their current cubes).