Starrcade WCW TV Champion Johnny.
April 29, 2001 Backlash: William Regal defeated regalos novedosos san valentin Chris Jericho in a Duchess of Queensberry match.
Steven Regal wrestled around the world, in countries such as Germany, South Africa, France and The Middle Eastern countries.Rob Parker) defeated Brad Anderson Ron Simmons Harlem Heat defeated Marcus Alexander Bagwell, 2 Cold Scorpio, Ice Train when Kole pinned Train 4/23/94 - featured Gene Okerlund conducting an interview with Sensuous Sherri in which she said her goal was to find a man that.McMahon had an emotional breakdown and was harassed by both Jeff Hardy and Triple.Badd defeated WCW US Champion Steve Austin Bunkhouse Buck (w/ Col.Christian Tommy Dreamer Goldust Yoshi Tatsu beat William Regal Vladimir Kozlov Ezekiel Jackson Zack Ryder.Santino Marella Vladimir Kozlov Goldust Great Khali beat William Regal Primo Colon Zack Ryder Doink The Clown.1991: Steven Regal had a try-out with the World Wrestling Federation but was not offered a contract.Larry Santo Bunkhouse Buck (w/ Col.
After the match, William Regal punished Tommy Dreamer in the Regal-stretch to send a message to ECW champion Christian.
Worth, TX - Will Rogers Auditorium - August 27, 1994 (1,100; 600 paid) Brian Pillman defeated Bobby Eaton WCW TV Champion Lord Steven Regal pinned Brad Armstrong with his feet on the ropes for leverage Vader defeated the Guardian Angel via disqualification Dustin Rhodes defeated.
April 28, 1997WCW Monday nitro: Chris Benoit defeated Steven Regal.
April 1, 2010Superstars : Yoshi Tatsu defeated William Regal April 12, 2010RAW : William Regal defeated Dos Caras in a dark match.
Badd pinned Jean Paul Levesque with a cradle at 5:52 as the challenger attempted the Indian Deathlock Pro - 10/22/94 - hosted by Gordon Solie, Dusty Rhodes, Larry Zbyszko : WCW Tag Team Champions Marcus Alexander Bagwell the Patriot defeated Bobby Eaton Steve Keirn.
November 11, 2005 Smackdown!Christian Yoshi Tatsu beat Vladimir Kozlov Ezekiel Jackson (Regal monsters assaulted Christian after the match) November 10, 2009ECW on Sy-Fy : Christian defeated William Regal in the main event to retain the ECW championship.Punk defeated William Regal with the Go-To-Sleep in a Non-title match.3, alimentación editar, los alevines requieren durante varios meses de una alimentación a base de plancton.November 12, 2012 RAW: World Heavyweight Champion The Big Show defeated William Regal in a non-title match.July 14, 2005 Smackdown!Badd, Dave Sullivan, Alex Wright, Brad Scott Armstrong beside him as Hogan discussed his win and Savage joining him; moments later, WCW US Champion Vader, with Harley Race, interrupted and said Hogan was afraid of him, noting he was both the #1 contender and the.July 22, 2001 Invasion: Raven defeated William Regal.April 12, 1997 Saturday Night: Steven Regal defeated Bobby Eaton.

William Regal defeated Scotty Too Hotty with help from Paul Burchill (Velocity).
February 21, 2000: Steve Bradley defeated Steven Regal to retain the Memphis Championship Wrestling/Power Pro Wrestling Title.
Hardcore Holly fought to a No Contest.