Ricardo aceptó ser el warframe codigos promocionales 2018 testaferro Richard agreed to be the figurehead.
Much of the conventional wisdom of librarianship is going to have to undergo what is so aptly described as an 'agonizing reappraisal' before we can come to terms with the new information age.
aceptar las circunstancias accept the circumstances.No aceptaron sus condiciones they didn't accept his conditions no se aceptan cheques we do not take checks (en letrero) se aceptan donativos donations welcome (en letrero maría acepta el libertinaje Mary accepts licentiousness.Para que no se pierdan esas canciones agregó durante la promoción del álbum en la capital mexicana.Stanton fell in with the suggestion readily.aceptar un reto throw down the gauntlet, call Posesivo bluff.Ricardo aceptó conocer el paradero Richard admitted to knowing the whereabouts.Ex: Unfortunately, in the field of reference work advocates of such regalos de metallica professional independence of judgement must by implication be prepared to countenance differential service to the user.3 to welcome, to believe in, to embrace, to buy.( frml ) aceptan cheques they take checks no aceptamos devoluciones no refunds aceptar inf to agree to inf aceptó venir she agreed to come no acepto que me digas eso I won't have you saying that to me por qué aceptas que te trate.aceptar una invitación accept invitation.
Ex: As regards abbreviations, and the extent to which they are used, most citation standards subscribe to the use of abbreviations.
( frml ) do you take Luis to be your lawful wedded husband?
Esto era para mis hijos, me divertí cantándoles".
aceptar el cambio embrace change.aceptar Algo sin protestar take Nombre lying down.Unfortunately, in the field of reference work advocates of such professional independence of judgement must by implication be prepared to countenance differential service to the user.Sin embargo, la cantante aseguró que no cambiará de estilo ni pretende convertirse en una nueva imagen para sus seguidores más pequeños.Do you take Enrique to be your lawful wedded husband?; no aceptará un no por respuesta he won't take no for an answer; no se aceptan cheques en letrero we do not take cheques; se aceptan donativos en letrero donations welcome * * * aceptar.AP, published 8:09 PM EDT Apr 9, 2014."No voy por ningún reinado, cada quien tiene sus coronas, cada quien tiene sus lugares.aceptar tarjeta de crédito honour credit card.Ellyse has slowly solidified her game by knocking the rough edges off and by opening her mind up to what's required and what's available.aceptar una tarea take on task.creencia generalmente aceptada como regalar un turron conventional wisdom.At the session on Sunday 15th, it was agreed to put to bed the non-controversial items.Ex: Personal authorship has been accepted for some time, and indeed reflects the scholarly practice of the western world.The same thing happended in the case of the British refusal to go along with the American compromises in the last revision.

accept, acknowledge, fall in with, go along with, subscribe (to take (in/into welcome, give acceptance, take up, come to terms with, embrace, put to bed, countenance, take on, be game, spring for, agree to, open Posesivo mind.
negarse a aceptar disavow.
Ex: The decision to revert to standard spelling must have been widely welcomed in countries where DC is used but English is not the native language.