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Teams of up to four can cruise around the solar system on a quest to slice and dice baddies, pump bullets into bosses and collect loads of loot in order to upgrade their gear and weaponry.
In DEs own words from their Developer Live-Streams that are held every other Friday, Update.On top of 10 new weapons, weapon skins and level expansion sets in Update.5, weve included a brand new Warframe, fully customizable controls and, last but not least, Trophy support.These smaller patches or just regular old hotfixes roll out every single week, Patch day is usually Wednesdays and obviously hotfixes can roll out at anytime of the week.According to an announcement from Digital Extremes Associate Producer Pat Kudirka, however, one of the biggest updates to date has officially dropped, offering up a nice collection of enhancements for the trigger-happy robot ninjas gaming on Sonys new home console.A support character, Oberon can utilize his Renewal power to keep everyone in the fight or Smite the baddies to unleash instant damage.In my personal opinion its one of the few F2P titles that does the Free part right, with a few exceptions.TennoLive will be Live-streamed on Twitch as well as having an on-site audience.The F2P Third-Person Space Ninja shooter Warframe, from the Canadian based Developers Digital Extremes (DE) will be hosting their second TennoLive event, during PAX East on March 6th they said in a press release.In between each Major patch there are countless of smaller patches (15.xx) with minor content additions, such as new weapons, new enemies and the occasional new map Tileset as well as Ingame Events that usually come with Rewards for the players in the form.A third-person run-and-gun (or run-and-slice) affair, Warframe translates nicely onto a standard controller, meaning its a perfect fit for the.
If you havent tried Warframe and you like to shoot stuff, Id suggest checking it out.
If you want to check out the Evolution of Warframe Id suggest you head on over here and have a look at that info-graphic from November last year.
Warframe and the Lotus continues to listen.
Kudirka calls Oberon the perfect balance for players looking to aid in both healing and dishing out the pain.
Now as for the Big reveal itself during TennoLive, I can only speculate, but during previous Dev-Streams DE has mentioned that they might be shaking up one of the Endgame grinding places, aka The Void, and that an age-old enemy might be returning.
With PC as the leading platform meaning that the console versions are usually behind on the updates due to Sony and Microsofts Certification process.
Also making the Update.5 checklist is customizable controls, meaning that players can now set up their Dualshock 4 to play however they like, a huge bonus for gamers who find the standard setup to be less than ideal.Warframe, the new free-to-play 'space ninja' third person shooter from our good friends at Digital Extremes, has surpassed the 1 million player mark.Right around the corner and coming Soon.Between the impressive graphics, solid fine-tuned gameplay and regular content and feature updates, Warframe has more than exceeded fan and team expectations to date.During October 2012 they slowly started to transition into Closed Beta, and finally during March 2013 they entered their Open Beta phase.The next major patch is Update 16, which will be brining 8 Player Raids amongst other things.Attributing to its quick success, Digital Extremes has viewed the emerging Free-to-Play segment as a true opportunity to reconnect directly with gamers.Maintaining development transparency and regular interaction with its community is part of the team's design philosophy that has truly paid off in establishing a solid, loyal fan base that is growing in droves alongside the game.Now the game is still branded Beta to this day, and it might be so for some time according to the.The first descuentos oceanografic TennoLive was held last year at Gamescom where DE revealed one of their upcoming major gameplay features Archwing.A free-to-play multiplayer action game originally launched for the PC, Warframe places characters into the armored exoskeletons of space ninjas.Update.5 is here and we have a ton of goodies in store, Kudirka said.